Legalistic is a business-focused legal risk consultancy, which helps you work with better contracts and better compliance processes.


Rustam Roy


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How can I get in touch?

Please e-mail me using info@legalistic.co.uk or call me on 07950480989. 

Who Am I?

I am a commercial lawyer with over 18 years' experience dealing with commercial contracts. My experience has been gained:

  • in the City (where I trained and worked in private practice )

  • in regional and national firms;

  • employed in-house; 

  • as a consultant (for law firms as well as businesses);

  • working on a very diverse range of transactions  (size as well as complexity); and

  • acting for suppliers as well as customers.   

Over the last 10 years, I have specialised more in tech-enabled or tech-centric transactions and I have deep expertise in software-related legal work.  

I also have an interest in legal processes. I have worked on and designed managed legal services (including playbooks, training and supervision) and have an interest in technology that helps run these processes more efficiently.  

Why Me?

I enjoy getting deals over the line and I like to understand my clients' business. I really enjoy talking about risk and how to mitigate it and how to draft documents that reflect how your business works. I don't enjoy arguing about indemnities, liability caps and warranties...other than to the extent that a transaction really requires it.  

What do you get? 

A flexible, business-centric approach to contracts and legal risk, coupled with an understanding of business principles and a desire to negotiate contracts in a  friendly and non-confrontational manner. I will always give you an opinion.


I work with sales and finance leaders, in-house lawyers and law firms and can fit into any existing team structure.  


Also...better contracts, which focus on risk, are resilient and prioritise revenue

How much will it cost?

That depends on the job and the nature of the engagement. I am happy to discuss hourly rates, day rates, fixed fees or retainers. Transparency is key and I never incur costs that a customer is not aware of.  

Is Legalistic a law firm?

No. I work as a consultant and I do not market myself as a solicitor. I am fully insured (certificate on request) and do not need to incur the high costs of running a law firm as my work does not require it. I do have an up to date practising certificate. 

My services are provided through Legalistic Limited (registered company number 11154024).


Can you do everything on your own? 

Yes - I do not sell any service that I cannot handle myself. That said, things do occasionally get quite busy and when they do, I have a network of similar businesses and professionals that I can rope in to help me. I will always take primary responsibility for any work you give me.