Software Contracts

If you are a developer/licensor, I can help you develop a contract which focuses on protecting your IP and your revenue, whatever the size of your business and whatever the implementation and licensing model. I am an expert in writing user-friendly SaaS contracts, especially for services built on top of Microsoft and Amazon infrastructure. 


If you are purchasing software and/or instructing a developer, I can help you ask the relevant questions re use case, business requirements, testing and acceptance, contract structure and payment models.     

Whatever your business and wherever you are in the software life cycle, I can help with contract documentation which is fit-for-purpose, not one-sided and which deals with real risk.

General Commercial Contracts

Whether it's supply chain agreements (agency or distribution), merchandising agreements, website terms and conditions or drafting standard terms of business - I can help you identify the business drivers and work with you to draft and/or negotiate terms that help your business.

Outsourcing problem.

For any business looking to outsource a service, I can help prioritise issues, assist with tenders (for customers and suppliers) negotiate and draft contracts and deal with post-contract matters like change controls. 

If you are a supplier, I can fit into your deal team and help frontline or behind the scenes.


  • Software (across all industries)

  • Outsourcing

  • IT and Telecoms

  • Entertainment (television formats and video games)

  • Marketing & Communications

  • ​Professional Services

  • Design & Engineering 

  • Aircraft Manufacture