Your Personal Data

I do not collect ANY personal data through this website.

I will only save your personal data if you contact me by e-mail or by telephone and I will ask you before I do so. If you do not want me to save your personal data and you are not a client, I will not do so.


If you are a client:


  • I will save personal data (name, e-mail address and telephone number) of those people in your business with whom I need to engage in order to provide my services and/or to invoice and deal with any administrative queries;

  • none of the personal data I have saved will be sold or otherwise made available to a third party for that third party's own commercial use;

  • I may occasionally send you updates relating to a legal development that I think is or may be relevant to your business; and 

  • I will only share your personal data with a third party if I work with that third party to deliver services to you (whether as a sub-contractor or not) and only with your prior consent.  

Legalistic Limited is registered with the ICO as a data controller (registration reference ZA321056).